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Here are all the Basketball Coaching – Organizing Youth Basketball Teams Handouts from our database. All handouts are related to organizing and coaching a boys or girls youth basketball team. These handouts are free for coaches to download. All that we ask in return is that you help spread the word about our website.

 We are constantly adding new handouts to the Basketball Coaching database – so check back often.

  1. Gym Schedule – Sample for Youth Basketball Teams
  2. Team Roster / with Phone Numbers
  3. Return Address Labels – No Logo
  4. How to get your AAU Basketball Cards on Line
  5. Memo to Parents for Upcoming Tournaments
  6. Sample Play List – Cheat Sheet for Youth Basketball Coaches
  7. Tournament Directions Memo to Parents
  8. Tournament Results Memo to Parents and Players
  9. Volunteer Miles Driven Log – Monthly Totals
  10. Volunteer Miles Driven Log – Yearly Totals
  11. Mailing Labels (Return) – with Logo
  12. Parents Checklist for Overdue Items
  13. Youth Basketball Team – Uniform Sizes Log
  14. Rules – Youth Basketball Team Rules Handout
  15. Fax Cover Sheet

Organizing Youth Basketball Teams Handouts will help you, but don’t forget to visit our “Organizing your Team” page. This page helps coaches to get important (and very useful) information on how to organize a boys or girls youth basketball team. This page is a must for all coaches! The information is geared towards making it very simple for coaches to get organized, and stay organized. Coaches must be able to “coach” during practices. Coaches should not have to deal with the paperwork, uniforms, etc. These are all things that a “Team Manager” should be doing. Delegate these tasks to a parent so you can do what you do best – coach the team!

 “Organizing your Team” Page – Click Here!


Basketball Coaching

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