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 Youth Basketball Skills – Station Drills


Basketball SkillsBasketball Skills

Basketball Skills



Station Drills – Why use them?


Why use Youth Basketball Skills – Station Drills – Because it allows coaches to teach multiple skills/drills to every player on the team, while at the same time getting the team the conditioning it needs.  Another main point to bring up is that Station Drills do not take up that much time (only 12-18 minutes depending on the amount of stations).  So coaches can teach much needed skills, to the whole team, and not take up too much time to do it. Youth Basketball Station Drills are very common and have proved to be very successful in developing player skills (when done correctly).







What age groups?


What age groups – Usually the younger teams get the most out of Station Drills since they need a lot more fundamental work than the older players.  But any age group can benefit from station drills if the drills are challenging enough for the players.


Basketball Skills


We have made a Handout available for coaches to better demonstrate what Youth Basketball Station Drills could look like on the court.


Youth Basketball Station Drills – Handout







 Youth Basketball Station Drills – As shown on the Handout



1. Block to Block Shooting: Player starts on the block, shoots, moves quickly to the opposite block and shoots again, back and forth (this can be done with or without a rebounder).


Block to  Block Shooting – Video Clip




2. Wall Dribble: Player dribbles with the right hand going one direction, and the left hand going in the other direction (keep ball high). 


Wall Dribbling – Video Clip




3. Mikan Drill: Player starts under the basket, shoots a right handed lay-up, then a left handed lay-up, back and forth (player gets their own rebounds).


Mikan Drill – Video Clip




4. Power Slam: Player slams the ball down hard, quickly gets ready to catch the ball.  Great drill for players with “soft” hands.


Power Slam – Video Clip




5. Jump Roping: Player starts jump roping and continues until the coach blows the whistle. 


Jump Roping Example – Video Clip




6. Offensive Put-Backs: Player stands “square” to the basket, tosses the ball up and bounces it off the backboard, then jumps up to rebound the ball, and immediately jumps back up and does a “two-handed” lay-up (always keeping the ball above the head). 


Offensive Put Back Drill – Video Clip




7. Zig-Zag Step Slide: Player steps slides in a good defensive stance in a zig-zag pattern (use cones). 


Zig Zag Step Slide Drill – Video Clip




8. “X” Lay-Up Drill: Player starts with a right handed lay-up, then dribbles to the opposite elbow and starts a left handed lay-up, back and forth (use the right hand on the right side, and the left hand on the left side). 


“X” Lay-Up Drill – Video Clip



Basketball Skills



9. Wall Taps (Jumps): Player stands at a wall, jumps up and touches the wall (repeatedly) with both hands, always keeping their hands above their heads.


Wall Taps (Jumps) – Video Clip




10. Cone Dribbling: Player dribbles around the cones in a continuous motion, keep the ball low, use the right hand on the right side, and the left hand on the left side. 


Cone Ball Handling / Dribbling Drill – Video Clip




11. Left Handed Lay-Up: Player stands on the left side of the basket, using only their left hand to make lay-ups (after positioning the ball in the left hand – put the right hand behind the back).  A very good drill to help develop a players left handed lay-up. 


Developing the Left Handed Lay-Up – Video Clip




12. 2-Ball Dribbling: Player dribbles forward, then backwards using two basketballs. Dribble hard, keep the basketballs low.


2-Ball Dribbling Drill – Video Clip




13. Crabwalk: Player starts the crabwalk to the far cone, then turns and crabwalks back to the starting point (cone).


Crabwalk Ball Handling Drill – Video Clip




14. High Knees: Players start by pulling up their right knee, then their left knee (keep alternating back and forth). 


High Knees Drill – Video Clip




15. Rebounder:  Use a rebounder as needed not only to rebound, but as a spot for the players to be able to rest during the station drills (not mandatory, depends on the age of the players).


Basic Rebounding / Right Side – Video Clip 







Station Drills / Basketball Skills – Notes



a) Make sure that you have a good stopwatch (and whistle).



b) Define the length of time for each drill (45 seconds to 1 minute usually works).  Blow the whistle to start, after your pre-determined time, blow the whistle to stop and rotate to the next station.



c) Keep the drills flowing, don’t allow too much time for the players to get to the next station – move them quickly, keep it flowing…



d) Add or Delete any station drill that you feel your players are not benefiting from.



e) Push the players to work hard at each station! Other than Free Throws or Rebounding, there should not be any resting between stations.  Get the most out of your players…



Basketball Skills



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Basketball Skills