Youth Basketball Leagues – Handouts

Here are all the handouts from our youth basketball database related to Starting Youth Basketball Leagues. We included useful forms and information to help you start and run a successful basketball program. Coaches, Players, and Parents should feel free to download and print out the handouts as needed. All we ask is that you help us spread the word about the AVCSS Basketball website to others (which could be in the form of sharing links). Other basketball organizations may download and share these Starting Youth Basketball Leagues Handouts with permission from AVCSS Basketball (could be in the form of a simple email), and agree to exchange links to our website.


  1. Basketball League (Club) Administrator – Job Description
  2. Basketball League – Treasurer – Job Description
  3. Basketball League Secretary – Job Description
  4. Equipment Coordinator – Job Description
  5. Director of Basketball Coaching – Job Description
  6. Boys Basketball Coordinator – Job Description
  7. Girls Basketball Coordinator – Job Description
  8. Gym Coordinator – Job Description
  9. Phone Calls Log – Basketball Club
  10. Phone Calls from other Basketball Clubs Log

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youth basketball leagues

Youth Basketball Leagues

Info on Running a Youth Basketball Camp Here

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  1. vamshi says:

    My name is vamshi and from india .I finished my PGDM sports Management and planning to start a college Basketball league here with home and away format and this will be a first tournament in my city .So i need guideness .So kindly would you help me .
    Thanking you
    With Regards

  2. GPetrin says:

    Did you read our section on running a basketball tournament? It may help you get your tournament started

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