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 The idea to start a website that could help youth basketball coaches simply came out of frustration. It was frustrating to read about plays or drills (basically lines, arrows, X’s and O’s), and then have to “imagine” how the play or drill really worked? It also appeared as if most of these plays or drills were geared towards very experienced high school coaches or colleges (and not for novice coaches at all). Read more About Us – AVCSS Basketball.

I thought it would be helpful for youth basketball coaches if there was a way to stop all the guessing.


About Us AVCSS BasketballGary Petrin, AVCSS Basketball / AVCSS Sports Club LLC


So I started this website, wrote some simplified youth basketball publications, and created over 500 video clips. So after many years of hard work and research, this idea is now becoming a reality, and here we are! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my family of basketball players (all daughters). 


My Background

My background comes from 15 years of coaching recreational basketball, 16 years of AAU and YBOA coaching. Also 7 years of coaching a high school varsity team, 3 years of coaching Middle School. Over 14 years of running a basketball club (as Club Administrator, Treasurer, Girls / Boys Basketball coordinator, Gym Coordinator, Tournament Director, and Equipment Coordinator). I have won many regional and state tournaments, and earned a trip to the YBOA Nationals (with the 14U Girls team).

My Basketball Family

I have 4 daughters, all having played or still playing basketball at different levels. My daughters were not blessed with a lot of height or size. So their basketball skills would have to overcome any limitations.


About Us AVCSS Basketball

Amy (5′ 3″) – Daughter #1 played recreational, middle school and high school basketball. Amy was tough as nails on defense. She drove to the basket with ease, and was extremely aggressive on both ends of the court. She always made a very high percentage of layups, and was a very good free throw and 3-point shooter. Amy was a very good point guard and team leader. Amy is married with 4 children…


About Us AVCSS Basketball
It was awesome to see my grandson get involved with basketball…

 About Us AVCSS Basketball

Morgan (5′ 8″) – Daughter #2 (the tallest) played recreational, middle school, high school, and Division II college basketball (full ride during her freshman and sophomore years) at Mount Olive College in North Carolina. She started a few games as a freshman, and earned a starting position her sophomore year. Morgan could dribble with either hand (coaches had a hard time figuring out if she was right or left handed). She was also a very smart defender, team player, and a very good 3-point shooter. Morgan is also married with 4 children.


About Us AVCSS BasketballAlison (5′ 4″) – Daughter #3 also played recreational, middle school, high school, Division II college basketball (full ride during her freshman year), and played point guard at Southern Virginia University (an NAIA school). In her senior year of high school basketball she helped lead the team to the High School Championship game (lost by 6), and in her first season with Southern Virginia University helped the team win the NAIA National Championship in 2006 (starting every game). In her second season Alison helped the team to the NAIA National Championship game for the 2nd year in a row (again a starter in every game). Alison is married and also has 4 children.


About Us AVCSS Basketball

Alexis (5′ 6″) – Daughter #4 In her senior season Alexis was the first player in her school’s history (boys or girls basketball) to score over 1000 points in her career. She battled health issues throughout the season but worked through them. She also scored a season high 28 points (7 of 10 three pointers), made 1st team District, was the teams Co-Captain and MVP again, and was voted “honorable mention” in the regional tournament (even though her team did not participate in the regional tournament that season). Due to continued health issues Alexis is no longer playing basketball, but still loves the game. She is now married and is the Head Coach at the local Middle School, soon to be assistant JV coach at the local high school. 



And yes, we cannot leave off the greatest rebounder (and chauffeur) our daughters know and love, Mom!

About Us - AVCSS Basketball


Welcome you to the AVCSS Basketball Website. We hope that you will benefit from the information and resources available. Any and all suggestions on improving this website and / or publications are always welcome and very much appreciated. From all of us here at AVCSS Basketball, LLC

  Thank You! Gary Petrin / Owner, President

About Us - AVCSS Basketball
About Us - AVCSS BasketballAbout Us - AVCSS Basketball About Us - AVCSS Basketball
  about us - avcss basketball