Breaking the Press – Handouts

Breaking the Press – Handouts

Here are all the handouts from our youth basketball database related to Breaking the Press Handouts. Included are Press Breaker plays, drills, and coaching tips to assist coaches with developing the skills of their players. Coaches, Players, and Parents should feel free to download and print out the handouts as needed. All we ask is that you help us spread the word about our website to others (which could be in the form of sharing links, etc). Other basketball organizations may download and share these Breaking the Press – Handouts with permission from AVCSS Basketball (could be in the form of a simple email, etc), and agree to exchange links to our website.

 They are in no particular order. Don’t forget – we are constantly adding new handouts to the database – so check back often.

  1. Basic Press Breaker for Youth Basketball
  2. Pass vs Dribble – Press Breaker Tips
  3. Basic Press Breaker Sets
  4. Beware of the Traps
  5. Blue 2 Press Breaker / Quick Hitter
  6. Blue 3 Press Breaker / Quick Hitter
  7. Cross Court Skip Pass
  8. Press Breaker Skills / Drills


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breaking the press

Breaking the Press

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