Defensive Basketball Drills – Video Clips

Here are all the video clips (and some of the handouts) from our youth basketball database related to Youth Defensive Basketball Drills. We have included info on defensive stances, man to man defense fundamentals, step slide drills, trapping, traps, taking the charge, shell drill, defending the inbounds plays, and many other basketball skills, defensive basketball drills, and coaching tips to help your team play great defense.

Video Clips

They are in no particular order. Don’t forget – we are constantly adding new Youth defensive basketball drills – video clips and handouts to the database – so check back often.

1. Basic Step Slide

2. On the Line / Up the Line Regular View

3. On the Line / Up the Line Top View

4. Defense / Keep the Ball Out of the Middle of Floor

5. Foot Fire / Take Off Defensive Drill

6. Getting Back on Defense Drill

7. Opening Up Across the Lane

8. Quarter Turn Defensive Stance

9. Zig Zag Defensive Drills / with Cones

10. Fronting Defensive Stance

11. Center Circle Team Defensive / Passing Drill

12. Step Slide / Holding Basketballs

13. Close Out Defensive Drill

14. Running Backwards on Defense

15. The Weak Side Rebound

16. 2 on 2 Ball Side / Help Side Drill

17. On the Line / Up the Line Man to Man Drill

18. On the Line / Up the Line Man to Man Drill (Post Players)

19. Baseline Switching Drill

20. Mirror Drill / Defensive Drill

21. Double Team Drill

22. Quarter Turn to Fronting Stance

23. Backcourt Examples

24. Zig Zag Defensive Drill

Even more video clips…

25. Nose Drill / Warm Up Drill

26. Steering the Ball Example

27. Boxing Out after the Shot

28. Best Places to Trap on the Court

29. Blocking Pad Example

30. Zig Zag Defensive Drill / 2 Players

31. Foot Fire Drill

32. Steal the Ball Drill

33. Defending Inbound Plays / Examples

34. Large / Small Areas of the Court

35. Rolling Step-Slide Drill

36. Shell Drill / Man to Man Drill

37. Switching / Help Notes, Examples

38. Switching / Help Above the Elbow

39. Switching / Help Below the Elbow

40. Team Step-Slide Drill

41. Foot Fire Defensive Drill

42. Use the Baseline as the 6th Man

43. Boxing Out Basics (Right Side)

44. Boxing Out Basics (Left Side)

45. Boxing Out Live Example (Right Side)

46. Boxing Out Live Example (Left Side)

47. Boxing Out From the 3 Point Line Example

48. More Videos on Zone Defense

49. More Videos on Press Break Defense



1. Defensive Stances for Youth Basketball – Handout

2. Taking the Charge on Defense – Handout

3. Best Places to Trap on the Basketball Court – Handout

4. Trapping Basics for Basketball – Handout

5. Defending the Inbounds Play – Handout

Coaches, Players, and Parents please feel free to download and print out the handouts at the bottom of the page! All we ask is that you help spread the word about our website (can be as simple as sharing a page, handout, or defensive basketball drills – video clip from our website). Organizations wishing to use any material from the AVCSS Basketball Website may do so with permission (just send a simple email), and with the exchange of links from our websites.

Looking for more information on Zone Defense or Man to Man Defense?

 Check out our new download publications

“Zone Defenses for Youth Basketball”


“Man to Man Defense for Youth Basketball”

Defensive Basketball Drills

Defensive Basketball Drills

Info on Man to Man Defense Basics Here

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