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Here are numerous basketball articles on various subjects related to coaching youth basketball. Information on running basketball practices, inbounds plays, practicing defense, selecting starters, the 6th man, playing hurt vs. playing injured, and many more. Coaches, players, and parents should feel free to download and print out any of the youth coaching basketball articles below. All we ask in return is that you help spread the word about the AVCSS Youth Basketball website (this can be in the form of sharing the link to the Coaching Articles). Other basketball organizations that wish to share any of the articles on this website may do so with written permission (basically a simple email message), and reciprocal links on our websites.

Check back often as we are constantly adding articles during the season.

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1. First Basketball Practices (Plays or Fundamentals 1st?)

2. Inbounds Plays not working?

3. Making Basketball Players run after mistakes?

4. How come players miss free throws in games?

5. Practicing Defense?

6. Go Hard or Go Home!

7. Referee’s the 6th Man on the Basketball Court

8. Rec Basketball / Help or Hindrance?

9. Practice Makes Perfect?

10. Selecting Starters on a Basketball Team!

11. Private High School Basketball Recruiting

12. Small Town Basketball Leagues / Player Selection

13. Hurt vs Injured in Youth Basketball (Post)

14. Hurt vs Injured – Article Only

15. The Importance of each Possession in Youth Basketball (Post)

16. The Role of the Substitute

17. Mental Toughness in Youth Basketball (Post)

18. Volunteer Miles Driven – What Coaches Should Know

19. The Importance of Watching Game Film (Video) with Players

20. Making Defense a Priority in your Practices

21. Blocking Shields for Basketball?

21. When the Season Ends – The Real Work Begins

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basketball articles

Basketball Articles

Info on Finding Youth Tournaments for your team.

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