Other Ways of Playing the game of Basketball

How many ways can you play Basketball?

When you think of basketball, you think of the “official” game as played in College (NCAA) or the NBA / WNBA, but did you know there are Other Ways of Playing the game of Basketball being played all around the world? Everybody loves the game of basketball, and it’s awesome to think of the different types and opportunities for everyone to participate… If you have never seen “Slamball” you may want to check it out – you won’t believe your eyes!

1. Slam Ball www.slamball.net/ (Check out the video below)

Slamball is a very physical type of basketball played on what looks like a hockey arena with trampolines, and basketball goals! The object is to dunk (which is 2 points), or shoot 3-pointers (3-points). It is a very physical sport, and the only way to explain how physical slamball is would to watch it.

Check out this Slam Ball video – CLICK HERE!

“SLAMBALL STARTED in a small warehouse in Los Angeles on a makeshift court cobbled together from spare parts. Mason Gordon wanted to create a fully realized sport that was inspired by the strategies, aesthetics and pacing of video games. A sport where the athletes fly higher and hit harder, performing feats that were once the exclusive domain of the well-crafted pixel. SlamBall would quickly fulfill its promise as a mash-up sport smashed together, as the court was, from parts of basketball, football, hockey and gymnastics.”


Other Ways of Playing the game of Basketball

2. Wheelchair Basketball www.iwbf.org

Invented in 1946 for basketball players that were injured in the war and wanted to again experience the game of basketball. Wheelchair basketball is now played in over 80 different countries and currently has over 25,000 participants (men, women, and children).

Other Ways of Playing the game of Basketball

Street Ball

3. Street Ball www.streetball.com/

There is some incredible ball handling used by the players. There are no rules, and players compete against each other in outdoor tournaments. Watch a few video clips and you’ll be amazed – CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT SOME VIDEO CLIPS!

4. Beach Basketball www.beachbasketball.com

Beach basketball is becoming very popular these days. Just as beach volleyball is now a “formal” sport, it may not be too long before beach basketball also becomes formal? Beach basketball is the worlds fastest growing “beach” sport. Click on the link above for more information.

Other Ways of Playing the game of Basketball

5. Hearing Impaired Basketball

A type of basketball that has been played since the 1920’s. The guideline is that players must be unable to hear or partially unable to hear in one or both ears. This organization is working on a new website, stay tuned.

6. “And 1” Basketball www.and1.com/
Great basketball skills. Click on the link above and then watch the video clip…awesome! Not sure of the status of the And 1 basketball tours, etc.

7. Bankshot Basketball www.bankshot.com

A very interesting style of basketball that involves no running, jumping, dribbling, or contact and only relies on shooting skills. Both able-bodied athletes and athletes with a disability can play against each other (at the same time). To get more information about Bankshot basketball click on the link above.

other ways of playing the game of basketball

Now you can see that there are many Other Ways of Playing the game of Basketball. It is awesome to think that people can take the game of basketball and transform it in ways that makes it different, takes it to a new level or dimension, but most of all makes the game available to anyone that wants to play!

Other ways of Playing the game of Basketball

Other Youth Basketball Video Clips Here

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