Starting an AAU Basketball Team

This page is more about Organizing your youth basketball team but relates to starting an AAU basketball team. Coaches need to spend their time coaching the players, and not worrying about jersey sizes, or calling about hotel rooms for the team, etc. Starting an AAU Basketball Team / Organizing Youth Basketball Teams info presented here will help youth basketball coach’s become more organized. We believe that a coach needs to worry less about the trivial things, and concentrate more on getting the team prepared to play.

Every Head Coach must be responsible for the following:

1. Planning Practices / Be Prepared – Coach’s must prepare and plan out each practice in advance! Coach’s must never show up to practice unprepared!

Planning your Basketball Practices – Menu Page

2. Schedule – Coach’s must consistently update and communicate schedule information on a weekly basis. All my teams get a copy of an updated practice / game schedule on a weekly basis. Use this form as a template for your teams schedule.

 Sample Practice / Game Schedule – Handout

3. The Head Coach must always be on time – on time means 15-20 minutes early to practice to ensure that the gym and equipment is ready to go for practice. If you are to be late, make sure one of your assistant coach’s can be at the gym to get the players started.

4. Wins and Losses – The head coach is going to get all the credit for all the Wins, and all the Losses. Parents will love you when you win, and may not even acknowledge you after a loss… Set your team goals for the season, discuss these goals with your assistant coach’s, then the parents and players (don’t keep this information to yourself).

Delegation of Tasks: The most important thing a coach can do!

Coach’s must learn to “delegate” tasks to others. There is no reason why your assistant coach’s and parents cannot help out with Organizing Youth Basketball Teams certain tasks. Here is a short list of tasks that if assigned to others would take some of the load of the head coach.


Suggested tasks for Assistant Coach’s:

1. Scrimmages / Tournaments – Help call around to other teams to set up scrimmages, ask about upcoming tournaments, etc.

2. Team Stats – Assign parents the task of taking “team stats” during the games and/or the official score book at the tournaments you go to (if required).

Team Statistics Forms – Handout

The assistant coach should also provide training for parents on the stats and how to do the official score book in case there is a need.

3. Equipment – make sure the basketballs are pumped up, all equipment is periodically checked.

4. Role Call – Attendance: Have your assistant coach take role at every practice – use this helpful form

Attendance / Role Call Form – Handout

 5. Sweep the gym floor – I always rotated with my asst. coach’s and took turns sweeping the gym floor (it is important that the players practice on a clean floor, free of debris, trash, etc). Most of the time a parent would walk in and offer to sweep the floor, so this could be a shared responsibility for everyone.


Suggested tasks for Parents:

1. Team Manager – The main function that you want a parent to volunteer for is “Team Manager.” Every team must have this position, and it should be a parent. Take a look at the team manager form to see the job description of the team manager. Even if a couple parents divide up the tasks, and the tasks get handled properly, then the coach can sit back and coach the team with less worries.

Team Manager Job Description Form – Handout

 2. Fundraising – Ask one of your parents to head up the teams fundraising activities.

 3. Tournament activities – Have the parents organize the concession stand, admission table, etc.

4. Website – Have a parent volunteer to set up and coordinate your teams website. There are plenty of FREE team websites out there:

 League Line Up – Free Sports Website or Free Sports Website

both organizations provide professional looking websites for FREE!


 Other Helpful Forms

That will help keep coach’s organized

1. Team Information Log – A very good form that will show all the information you will need when signing up for tournaments, AAU, YBOA, and other events that require player information, etc. All the information you need is on one form, just print it out and send it in as needed. Don’t rewrite all this information over and over – use the form.

Team Information Log – Handout

 2. Team Roster Form – Use this form for tournaments and scrimmages. Just hand the completed form to the official score book keeper and they may write the names and numbers in the book for you.

Team Roster Form – Handout

 3. Cell Phone List – Have one of your parents (or the team manager) gather all the teams phone / email / cell phone numbers and enter all on one form. Our team made a short form for just cell phone numbers (the size of a business card), and had them laminated. It was very useful when the team traveled, etc.

Team Phone / Cell Number List Form – Handout

 4. Player Rotation Chart – Help keep track of playing time. If your goal is equal playing time, or you just need a way to get all your players in the game, this forms can help.

Player Rotation Chart – Handout

 5. FAX Cover Sheet – Just a simple blank fax cover sheet that may be useful.

Fax Cover Sheet – Handout



The main job of the coach is to focus on the team but they are still responsible for the other aspects of Starting an AAU Basketball Team / Organizing Youth Basketball Teams. But this does not mean that they have to do it all alone. Coach’s should get their assistant coach’s and parents involved now. Then watch how it makes your job a little less demanding, and makes others feel like they are helping the team be successful. Hopefully the info and forms provided will help make the job of the coach easier. Mostly,  allow the team to be more organized.

starting an aau basketball team

Starting an AAU Basketball Team

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  1. Bonnie Lyle says:

    How do I start a team? Town of swanzey Nh

  2. GPetrin says:

    This is what we have regarding starting a basketball team Good Luck!

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    Try to start a as I team in my home town

  4. Coach Christina says:

    I currently coach 14-18 year old youth. I coach in a very rough neighborhood. But my players are the best kids. I have coached for years, but I want to start a AAU team with the kids I have, any suggestion would be helpful

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    This information will be able to get you started

    Good Luck to you

  6. McGregory says:

    Is getting an AAU membership for your team necessary? The club with insurance included is $300.

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    If you are planning to attend AAU tournaments, your team will need the membership.

  8. CC says:

    If you have not purchase your EIN yet,can you still become apart of the AAU organization?

  9. GPetrin says:

    I am pretty sure you can be a part of AAU without the EIN, just with limitations I would imagine, thanks.

  10. Coach Martin says:

    I live in a small town and want to start a team.. How do you suggest I get the word out?

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