Passing Drills for Basketball – Video Clips

Here are all the video clips (and some of the handouts) from our youth basketball database related to passing drills for basketball – video clips! Included are Passing Basics, Catching Basics, Passing Skills, Passing Drills, and many other tips to assist players and coaches to increase skills related to passing and catching the basketball.

They are in no particular order. Don’t forget we are constantly adding new passing drills for basketball – video clips and handouts to the database, so check back often.

1. Catching the Ball / Basics

2. Basic Chest Pass

3. Half Circle 2-Ball Team Passing Drill

4. Center Circle Team Defensive / Passing Drill

5. Weave Passing Drill / Basic Half Court

6. Weave to Half Court / 2 on 1 Drill

7. Weave / Full Court Passing Drill

8. Power Slam / Drill for Soft Hands

9. Power Slam / Wall Version, Drill for Soft Hands

10. Catching Tip / Watch the Face

11. Step Around Passing Drill

12. Overhead Passing Drill

13. Passing Drill (2-players / 1 Ball)

14. Passing Drill (2-players / 2 basketballs)

15. Bounce Pass / Basic

16. Chest Pass / Basic (left handed player)

17. Pass Fakes / Examples

18. Wall Passing Drill #1 / Younger Players

19. Wall Passing Drill #2 / Younger Players

20. Wall Passing Drill #3 / Younger Players

21. Bounce Pass Drill

22. Chest Pass Drill

23. Catching the Ball with your Chest (wrong)

24. Lead Pass Examples / Drill

25. Skip Pass Example

26. Cross Court Skip Pass – Handout

27. Power Slam / Soft Hands – Handout

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passing drills for basketball

Passing Drills for Basketball

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