Basketball Zone Defenses – Video Clips

Basketball Zone Defenses

Here are all the Youth Basketball Zone Defenses and Coaching Tips – Video Clips (and some of the handouts) from our database related to youth basketball zone Defenses / Defense / Defensive Plays. Included are basic and advanced plays such as Basic Zone Defenses, 1-2-2 Zone Offense, 2-3 Zone Defense, 1-3-1 Zone Defense, Half Court Trap, Full Court Press, Box and 1 / Triangle and 2 Junk Defenses, and many more that will help your youth basketball team succeed!

Feel Free to Download and Print out the Handouts at the bottom of the page! All we ask is that you help spread the word about our website.

They are in no particular order. Don’t forget – we are constantly adding new video clips and handouts to the database – so check back often.

1. 1-2-2 Zone Defense

2. 1-3-1 Zone Defense

3. 2-1-2 Zone Defense for Youth Rec Teams

4. 2-3 Zone Defense Complete

5. 2-3 Zone Defense / Animated Example

6. 2-3 Zone Defense

7. 2-3 Zone Defense Trap (for the younger players)

8. Diamond and 1 / Junk Defense

9. Box and 1 Junk Defense

10. Triangle and 2 Junk Defense

11. Half-Court Trap / Basic

12. Full-Court Press / Zone Basic

13. Full-Court Press /Denial Basic

14. 3-2 Zone Defense

15. 2-3 Zone Defense Handout

16. 2-3 Zone Defense Trap (for the younger players) Handout

17. Diamond and 1 Defense Handout

18. Box and 1 Junk Defense Handout

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Basketball Zone Defenses

Basketball Zone Defenses

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