Basketball Court Dimensions

Youth Basketball Court Dimensions

The information below shows different areas of the court and includes notes on traps, trapping, free throw line, footage, block area, half court, and some of the “basics” that every youth basketball coach should be familiar with (and players too). This youth basketball court diagram describes the most important areas that every coach should know and understand. Coaches should take the time to learn all the areas of a basketball court, including the dimensions.

This is a great learning tool for coaches to teach their players (especially the inexperienced younger players). Please share this information with others to help spread the word about the AVCSS Basketball website.

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  NBA Court Dimensions – 94′ X 50′

 High School Basketball Court Dimensions – 84′ X 50′

 Middle School Basketball Court Dimensions – 74′ X 42′

 (Recommended Middle School Dimensions)


There is a downloadable version that is free with Full Access Membership!


 Basketball Court Dimensions


Ceiling Height

Recommended Height is 27′ and Minimum Recommended Height is 25′

   The diagram above may look a little so feel free to download the actual diagram which is of better quality. Understanding the areas of the court, and court dimensions will help you teach plays to your players with more confidence and a better knowledge of the game. Players that understand the different areas of the court gain greater knowledge of the game. We are here to assist youth basketball coaches to succeed.

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  basketball court dimensions

Basketball Court Dimensions

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