Hoops 4 Hope

Hoops 4 Hope is a not-for-profit organization that supports youth development by working with schools, shelters, and community organizations. H4H runs programs in Zimbabwe and South Africa…

 Hoops 4 Hope

Hoops 4 Hope

Hoops 4 Hope

In cooperation with schools, community organizations, and children’s shelters, Hoops 4 Hope reaches over 10,000 children a year.

Hoops 4 Hope provides the most basic tools that young people need to play team sports and face the many challenges of growing up in communities plagued with poverty, crime, and HIV/AIDS. We build basketball courts, organize leagues, distribute athletic equipment collected from around the United States, run coaching clinics, organize tournaments, supply financial assistance for team travel, host international basketball coaches and players, and provide children with a safe, nurturing environment in which they develop more than just skills for the court, they develop SKILLS 4 LIFE!

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Life Skills are acquired or developed skills or tools that help a person be successful in Life and we believe that by focusing our efforts on the Life Skills that are essential to all people, we are providing them with the important tools they need to develop a strong and positive character, so they will be equipped to make healthy positive choices.

Organized sports encourage more than healthy competition; they help erase racial boundaries. Sports unite adults and children from different backgrounds. Moreover, the trust that develops between coaches and the young people they mentor provides an opportunity for discussion of the crucial issues that affect their lives every day.

Why Basketball?

 From urban playgrounds across the United States to the rural Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe to crowded townships in South Africa, there is basketball. Played and shared and loved. It is truly a global game! Technology feeds the world’s hunger for the game by sending highlights from the National Basketball Association (NBA) across the globe, and those images have sparked dreamers of all ages, races, and religions. Countless exciting games are being played at this very moment on streets, dirt roads, mountain tops, and in schoolyards around the world. For many young people, the basketball court is the perfect place to cultivate the discipline that will help them achieve success in other parts of their lives. Recycled Equipment – Hoops 4 Hope was originally built on the idea that sporting equipment had value even after a lot of use. In our first years, the amount of stuff we shipped over to Southern Africa was meager – just a few balls and shoes collected from friends and family. Now, the recycled equipment idea is a massive operation, and entire schools and clubs have held drives to collect various sporting goods for use in the communities we serve. Our shipments now move across the Atlantic via cargo ship, and the equipment we disperse gets used until it turns to dust!

Hoops 4 Hope

Interested in donating your old basketball shoes, uniforms, or basketballs? Please email or write to the Hoops 4 Hopes contacts listed below – they will be happy to assist you with the process. 

United States:

Hoops 4 Hope
PO Box 895
East Hampton, New York
11937 USA

Phone: 631-267-8682


Hoops 4 Hope Trust Center Hoops 4 Hope
19 Bates St.
Milton Park, Harare

Zimbabwe Director: Ngoni Mukukula

Phone: 091-404-067

South Africa:

Hoops 4 Hope / Ikamva Labantu
P.O. Box 165
160 Sir Lowry Rd.
Cape Town 8000, South Africa

Director: Thierry Kita

Email: thierrykita@yahoo.com

Phone: (021) 461-8338

Fax: (021) 461-6823

Hoops 4 Hope

Hoops 4 HopeHoops 4 Hope

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Visit the HOOPS 4 HOPE Website

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Hoops 4 Hope

7 Responses to Hoops 4 Hope

  1. taurai taderera says:

    can you please come to our community in damofalls ruwa in Zimbabwe we have one basketball court.and we talking about a population of about 1000 people with such a facility.coaching clinics and helping with league affiliation can go a long way in helping our community

  2. GPetrin says:

    I wish I could travel to your community and assist you but hopefully you can get enough information off the AVCSS Basketball Website to assist you and help you succeed with your goals, thanks.

  3. jennifer lamothe says:

    WOW! My 11 year old son is doing something similar in Haiti this summer!JJ Hoops4Haiti. Please visit his FB page “JJ Hoops4Haiti”. Any suggestions is appreciated this will be our first summer camp!

  4. GPetrin says:

    Great news! Good Luck to JJ Hoops4Haiti, much success.

  5. Ardita Aliu says:

    I am initiating to collect gently basketball shoes from On Canada. Youth teams to help other youth basketball athletes.hope young athletes will be generous to help with this cause.✌

  6. Tom Grunheid says:

    Greetings. My primary reason for posting is to find out if you happen to have any “sister” type organization in Dallas where I could drop a few dozen basketball, volleyball and soccer uniforms. They are from our church youth group (no longer exists) when I ran that program in the 80’s. So the items are retro in style(short shorts. tank top shirts). Most all are numbered. Some sets with just the number, other sets have DALLAS on them as well.

    I am retired and broke so I cannot pay any shipping and would like to simply give to someone here in my area or, if I ship, to do so collect. Any suggestions?

    NOTE: To do an inventory and take pictures is like an all day project so I am avoiding that effort for the moment and simply gathering info on interest before adding to the task at my end.

    Thank you for your time and considerations.


  7. GPetrin says:

    I would suggest the YMCA, or local Recreation Center.

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