Basketball Dribbling Glasses

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Here are some Equipment Spotlight – Youth Basketball reviews including basketball dribbling glasses that were written from actual experience using the equipment over a 15-16 year time period (or longer).  We will add more equipment reviews from time to time – so check back often.

1. Basketball Dribbling Glasses

Basketball Dribbling Glasses

Are Basketball Dribbling glasses worth the time, effort, expense?

 It is extremely important for players to be able to “see the floor” while they are dribbling (look up anytime they are dribbling the basketball). As a coach, have you ever wondered why your players aren’t driving to the basket? Or are missing easy passing opportunities (when a player is wide open under the basket, but the dribbler is not looking up so they can’t see the pass is there)? Even if coaches spend lots of time practicing ball handling skills – the use of dribbling aids should be considered. I’ve spent a lot of time during my practices telling the players to “look up” while dribbling the ball (which appeared to be a never ending task). Then I decided to try some basketball dribbling glasses (which the players did not like at all) – the glasses were forcing the players to look up. At first, basketballs went flying everywhere, but after many practices I started noticing that a little more “ball control” was occurring with each practice. Basketball Dribbling Glasses will help develop your players ball handling skills if used correctly and consistently.

 Dribbling Glasses Example


Basketball Dribbling Glasses

Are they worth the time, effort, and expense? From my experience the answer would be yes, but only if used correctly and consistently. Using dribbling glasses every other practice, or once a week may not get you the results you are looking for. In order for dribbling glasses to work (in a shorter period of time), coaches must incorporate wearing them at each practice – and (if possible) even allow players to take them home with them. Dribbling glasses are effective when players put them on as they arrive for practice, and continue to use them during all ball handling drills. I also made my teams use the glasses while running suicides (we ran our suicide while dribbling a basketball).

 The cost of Dribbling Glasses range from $4-$7 each.

   basketball dribbling glasses

2. Blocking Shields (Blocking Pads)

One of the most beneficial practice aids I have used is the basic Blocking Shield (the small size blocking pad used in football). This piece of equipment is used to protect the holder from excessive contact. Second, it allows players to be more aggressive during the drill (they don’t have to hold back, and they have no reason to hold back now). Where do you get the most benefit? I would say with the post players. Having a blocking shield around can make for some tough, aggressive workouts from your players. Contact is something that needs to be taught to players! A team can have the tallest player around, but if they don’t use their size – it will not help the team. How are you going to teach a post player to be tough under the basket? Use a blocking shield and get your post players used to aggressive contact (make it more game like for them). The blocking shield is also a great tool for getting players used to contact while doing lay ups. Check out the video clip below… 

Blocking Shield (Pad) Example

Pro-Down Collegiate Football Shield (Just under $50)

  Some of the types of drills we use a blocking shield on:

 Boxing Out Drills

Lay-Up Drills (guards also)

Screening Drills

Post Moves

Rebounding Drills

  This very effective practice aid can make a huge difference with your players performance – Try it!

Click Here for PDF of Blocking Shield Blog Post – Handout

 basketball dribbling glasses

Basketball Dribbling Glasses

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