Which Possession – Any of the Above!

How important is the basketball possession in Youth Basketball? After a close loss, some coaches may sit up all night trying to figure out what they could have done differently. Mistakes were made and there were just too many turnovers. Easy shots and free throws were missed, foul trouble, poor execution of plays, non aggressive defense, poor rebounding. All things that can drive a coach to insanity! Which one of these specific things could have made a difference in the outcome of the game? The answer is easy – ANY of the above! So coaches can review everything listed and try to determine where the exact problem is, but time and time again it will always come back to “any of the above.” This leads me to one very important point…



How important is each and every basketball possession during the course of the game?

As a coach, have you ever sat down with your players and discussed this? First of all, I mean really discuss this in detail. Almost to the point that each basketball possession is viewed as extremely critical by all the players? Imagine your whole team understanding that each basketball possession can actually affect the outcome of a close game, and then be willing to work hard and do whatever it will take to win.

The first quarter could have already decided the outcome of the game!

Just because a player misses the last shot or misses free throws at the end of the game doesn’t mean they lost the game for the team. What about the player who missed their shots or free throws in the first half? What about the fouls, the turnovers, the poor rebounding in the first half of the game?

Losing is a total “Team” concern, you win or lose as a team, plain and simple – a loss can never be blamed on any one player, the referee’s, or the coach. READ MORE HERE!

By GPetrin