Station Drills – Why use them?

Why use Youth Basketball Skills – Station Drills? First of all it allows coaches to teach multiple skills/drills to every player on the team. Secondly, Station Drills help with getting the team the conditioning it needs. Station Drills do not take up that much time (only 12-18 minutes depending on the amount of stations). So coaches can teach much needed skills to the whole team, and not take up too much practice time to do it. Youth Basketball Station Drills are very common and have proved to be very successful in developing player skills (when done correctly)

What age groups?

What age groups – Usually the younger teams get the most out of Station Drills since they need a lot more fundamental work than the older players. But any age group can benefit from station drills if the drills are challenging enough for the players.



We have made a Handout available for coaches to better demonstrate what Youth Basketball Station Drills could look like on the court. READ MORE HERE!

Youth Basketball Station Drills – Handout

By GPetrin