Is your team using this very important part of the game wisely? Is warming up really that important? Many youth basketball coaches take the Pre Game warm up for granted, but there are many that make the most of it. The best basketball philosophy is to make the best out of every moment you have to ensure that you are getting your players ready to play – and the pre-game warm up is a great place to start! Here are many important Youth Basketball Warm Ups and Tips to help you succeed.

Typical Pre-Game Basketball Warm-ups – Good or Bad?

Although shooting free throws before a game is important, I would debate on whether having 12 players standing around waiting for their turn to shoot a free throw is the best way to warm up (see diagram below).



The point is this: Players have to pass, catch, run, shoot, dribble, jump, and play defense in the game – why aren’t they warming up and getting ready to use these skills? In a real game, players shoot free throws when they are tired so why not practice free throws that way? If you are going to do this basic free throw warm up, why not have some of your players running sprints to the side before they shoot?  READ MORE HERE!

By GPetrin