Basketball Rebounding and Boxing Out – Video Clips

Basketball Rebounding / Boxing Out – Video Clips

Here are all the video clips from our database related to Basketball Rebounding and Boxing Out in youth basketball. Included are basic teaching points and techniques, and several boxing out moves to help a player get positioning for the rebound, and much more that will help improve your game in the post!

The video clips are in no particular order. Don’t forget – we are constantly adding new video clips to our youth basketball Rebounding and Boxing Out – Video Clips – so check back often.

1. Rebounding Basics (Right Side)

2. Rebounding Basics (Left Side)

3. Rebound and Outlet (Right Side)

4. Rebound and Outlet (Left Side)

5. Rebounding Trick / Tipping the Ball

6. Boxing Out Move / Arm Over Move

7. Boxing Out Move / Arm Over, Spin Move

8. Boxing Out Move / Step Around Move

9. Wall Taps Post Player / Team Drill

10. Boxing Out Basics (Right Side)

11. Boxing Out Basics (Left Side)

12. Boxing Out Live Example (Right Side)

13. Boxing Out Live Example (Left Side)

14. Boxing Out From the 3 Point Line Example

15. Bounce and Catch Jumping Drill

16. Post Player Tip / Keep the Ball above the Head

Rebounds and Boxing Out go hand in hand. Sometimes the rebound will just fall into a players hands, but the majority of the time the player that boxes out and works for the rebound will get it. The more rebounds your team gets in a game, the chance of success increases. Boxing Out is the “easiest” skill in basketball to teach a player, but it appears to be the “hardest” skill for players to remember to do in the game! In order for teams to be successful with getting rebounds, coaches must make boxing out part of their practice plans. Teach players to understand the importance of boxing out every time a shot is taken, and make it a “habit” in the games. And also remind your players that boxing out is not just for Post Players – it is every players responsibility!

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Basketball Rebounding

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