Basketball Dribbling Drills – Video Clips

Here are all the video clips (and some handouts) from our youth basketball database related to Basketball Dribbling Drills and Ball Handling – Video Clips. Included are basic and advanced drills such as Spider Dribble, Figure 8, Crossovers, 2-Ball Dribbling, Under the Legs, Behind the Back, Spin Dribbling, and many other basketball dribbling drills that will help your team succeed! 

They are in no particular order. Don’t forget – we are constantly adding new Ball Handling or Basketball Dribbling Drills – Video Clips and handouts to the database – so check back often.

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Basic Basketball Dribbling Drills – Video Clips

1. Basic Dribbling Stance

2. Dribble and Stop Drill

3. Cone Dribbling / Basic

4. Basic Pull Back Dribbling Drill

5. Dribbling Glasses Example

6. Around the World Drill

7. Basic Right Hand Dribbling

8. Basic Right Hand V Dribbling

9. Basic Left Hand Dribbling

10. Basic Left Hand V Dribbling

11. Crossover / Basic (stationary)

12. Crossover with a Coach / Cone

13. Behind the Back Dribble / Basic

14. Left Hand Around the Left Leg Dribbling Drill

15. Right Hand Around the Right Leg Dribbling Drill

16. Figure 8 Ball Handling Drill

17. Around the Waste

18. Advanced 2-Ball Drill / Younger Player

19. 2-Ball Dribbling / Forward

20. 2-Ball Dribbling / Backwards

21. King of the Circle Drill

22. Full Court Team Dribbling Drill

23. Squeeze the Ball / Fingertip Drills

24. Hand Warmup / Slap the Ball Exercise

25. Basic Dribble to Half Court and Back

26. Under the Legs Dribbling / Basic

27. Up and Over the Shoulder Drill

28. Ball Flip / Alternating Hands

29. Suicide / Dribbling Basketballs

30. Basic Crossover with Dribble

31. Crabwalk / Stationary

32. 2-Ball Dribbling / Younger Player

33. Basic Crossover Drill / Younger Player

34. Beginner Ball Handling Routine – Handout

35. Violation / Traveling, Walking

36. Violation / Double Dribble

37. Violation / Carrying the Ball


Advanced – Basketball Dribbling Drills 

1. 2-Ball Step Slide with Alternating Dribble

2. 2-Ball Dribbling (alternating dribble)

3. All Around Dribble (Male Player) with Slow Motion

4. Around the Legs and Back

5. Around the Legs and Back / Side View

6. Pull Back Crossover Drill - Front View

7. Spin Dribble / Basic

8. Spin Dribble / Front view

9. Spin Dribble / Side View

10. Under the Legs Dribble / with Left Hand Only

11. 2-Ball Dribble / Right Straight, Left Around Leg

12. 2-Ball Dribble / Right Straight, Left V

13. Stutter Step Dribble A

14. 2-Ball Dribble / Left Straight, Right Around Leg

15. 2-Ball Dribble / Left Straight, Right V

16. Push the Ball up the Court Drill

17. Wall Dribbling

18. 3-Ball Dribbling Drill

19. Tennis Ball Drills / Right Hand Dribble

20. Tennis Ball Drills / Left Hand Dribble

21. Tennis Ball Drills / 2 Player, 2 Ball

22. Tennis Ball Drills / V Dribble

23. Tennis Ball Drills / Single Ball (side view demo)

24. V Dribble Behind the Back

25. V Dribble Behind the Back / Under the Legs

26. Wall Taps (with a basketball)

Even More Advanced Ball Handling Drills

27. Over the Shoulder / Under the Leg Dribble

28. Stutter Step Dribbling Move B

29. Knee Dribble

30. 2-Ball Crossover Dribble

31. All Around Ball Handling Drill (Female)

32. Large V Dribbles (4-Ways) / Regular Speed

33. Richochet / Front to Back

34. Ricochet Ball Handling Drill

35. Under the Legs with 1 Hand Only (Right)

36. 2-Ball Step Slide

37. 2-Ball Figure 8 Drill

38. Spider Dribble

39. Front to Back / Quick Hands Drill

40. Crossover Drill with Cones

41. Crabwalk Conditioning Drill

42. Skip Dribble

43. Crossover Drill / Live Environment

44. Richochet Front to Back only

45. Pull Back Crossover Drill - Rear View

46. Dribble Through 2 Defenders (Middle)

47. Dribble Through 2 Defenders (Left Side)

48. Dribble Through 2 Defenders (Right Side)

49. Advanced Ball Handling Routine – Handout

 Check out our new download “Ball Handling Drills for Youth Basketball”

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Basketball Dribbling Drills

Basketball Dribbling Drills

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