Youth Defense Plays and Schemes

Here are all of our Youth Basketball Defense Plays and Schemes from our basketball database – Included are basic and advanced plays such as Basic Zone Defenses, 1-2-2 Zone Offense, 2 3 Zone Defense, 1-3-1 Zone Defense, Half Court Trap, Full Court Press, Box and 1 / Triangle and 2 Junk Defenses, and many more that will help your team succeed! Also Check out our new download publication “Zone Defenses for Youth Basketball”

 defense plays and schemes


1. 2 3 Zone Defense – The 2 3 zone defense is is the most widely used zone defense in basketball. There are several variations, and some coaches add a little twist to the defense when they teach it to their players.

2-3 Zone Defense Complete

Animated Example / 2-3 Zone Defense

2-3 Zone Defense

2 3 Zone Defense – Handout

 Here’s an option of the 2 3 zone defense to use with younger players.

2-3 Zone Defense Trap (for the younger players)

2 3 Zone Defense Trap – Handout


2. 2-1-2 Zone Defense for Youth Rec Teams – This is the easiest zone defense to teach and for the players to learn. It covers all the positions and is a great “first” defense for the younger players.

2-1-2 Zone Defense for Youth Rec Teams


3. 1-2-2 Zone Defense – This is a good zone defense to use if the other team has a post player camped out at the high post / elbow area, and also gets the defense where the shooters are. A different look to throw in the mix.

1-2-2 Zone Defense


4. 1-3-1 Zone Defense – This zone defense is widely used at all levels of play. There are several variations of this defense, but the most common variation is adding traps in the corners (up high and down low).

 1-3-1 Zone Defense


5. 3-2 Zone Defense – This zone defense is similar to the 1-2-2 (and is sometimes referred to as a 1-2-2 by some coaches), but this version is actually different. Many coaches put a tall post player in the middle at the top to disrupt the offense.

 3-2 Zone Defense


6. Junk Defenses – The great thing about Junk Defenses is that they are very effective when executed properly. These defenses can take the other teams star player (or players) out of the game (or at least hold these players to smaller numbers). One main reason why Junk Defenses are so effective is that not a lot of teams practice offenses vs. these types of defenses. This type of defense can help a weaker team beat a stronger team. There are several types – Box and 1, Triangle and 2, and the Diamond and 1.

Box and 1 Junk Defense

Box & 1 Junk Defense – Handout

Triangle and 2 Junk Defense

Diamond and 1 / Junk Defense

Diamond and 1 Defense – Handout


 7. Half Court Trap Defense – This is just one of many Half Court Trap defenses. There are several variations, but most Half Court Traps can be very effective when the players are aggressive and attacking.

 Half-Court Trap / Basic


 8. Full Court Pressing – The Full Court Press can end a game quickly, and can take the spirit out of the other teams players. Although there are many variations of the Full Court press, there are basically two types of Full Court Presses – the “Zone” and the “Denial’ press. I have seen games end during the first quarter (meaning the team that was pressing built a big lead and took the “life” out of the other team). You have to have the players to execute the press effectively (must be aggressive and attacking).

 Full-Court Press / Zone Basic

Full-Court Press /Denial Basic


Don’t forget – we are constantly adding new video clips, handouts, and information to this Youth Basketball Defense Plays and Schemes, 2 3 Zone Defense Webpage – so check back often.

Also Check out our new download publication “Zone Defenses for Youth Basketball”

defense plays and schemes

Defense Plays and Schemes

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