Basketball Court Diagram – Handouts

Here are all the youth basketball court diagram handouts from our database. Youth basketball coaches – Feel free to download and print out, use them for anything to do with coaching basketball. All we are asking is that you help spread the word about our website! Please help us spread the word and let others know about our Free Youth Basketball Website and what we have to offer. Please share as much as you like, if you post on a website, please link back to AVCSS Basketball website, thanks.

We are constantly adding new handouts to the database – so check back from time to time to see whats new.

  1. Full Court Blank Basketball Diagram
  2. Basketball Blank Diagrams (6 per page)
  3. Blank Half Court Diagram
  4. Blank Basketball Diagrams (12 per page)
  5. Basketball Blank Diagrams (2 per page)
  6. Blank Single Court Basketball Diagram

Again, feel free to download and print out any of the basketball court diagram files above. These diagrams can be useful to coaches in many ways – draw up plays during a game, use for practices, teach players drills and plays, and much more. Draw up drills like this one – Superman Drill

basketball court diagram

Basketball Court Diagram

5 Responses to Basketball Court Diagram – Handouts

  1. Mike Wyknenko says:

    Thanks for the printable basketball court diagrams I really appreciate it!

  2. carl hatchell says:

    I want black lines instead of colored lines in the diagrams. How do I do that?


  3. Ray Klein says:

    Thank you for the printable courts.

  4. Chuck Moulton says:

    Thank you very much for the printable diagrams.

  5. Kevin O'Reilly says:

    Thanks, very helpful with 1st and 2nd graders. One version with lines and areas identified would be helpful, i.e. Free Throw line, Half Court line, Lane..

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