Basketball Moves – Video Clips

Offense Skills, Drills, Coaching Tips – Video Clips

Here are all the Youth Basketball Moves – Offense video clips, and some of the handouts from our database. The info below is related to developing the skills, drills, and coaching tips needed to play in a youth basketball Offense! Also included are triple threat, pull back basketball moves, cutting, dribble penetration, up screens, down screens, getting open to score, various basketball moves, and also many other youth basketball skills, drills, and tips to improve a team’s offense.

Video Clips are Below

The videos are in no particular order. We are constantly adding new Youth Basketball Moves and Offense video clips and handouts to the database. So Check back often.

1. Triple Threat

2. Sweep the Ball and Drive

3. Sealing a Defender (After the Screen)

4. Down Screen Example

5. Backdoor Cut Example

6. Curl Cut Example

7. Screen and Flash to the Ball

8. Up Screen / Animated Example

9. Up Screen and Score

10. V-Cut and Flash to the Ball

11. Offensive Put Back Drill

12. Picking up the Dribble Example

13. Cutting Drill / Basic

14. Baseline Screen Equals Quick Score

15. Always be Active on Offense

16. Post Players / Offense, Slide Low

17. Post Players / Offense, Slide High

18. Jump Stop and Pivot Drill

19. Pass Fakes / Examples

20. Draw Two Defenders and Score

21. Dribble and Draw Two Defenders / Example A

22. Dribble and Draw Two Defenders / Example B

23. Pull Back and Shoot Move

24. Push Off / Getting Open

25. Boxing Out Team Drill

26. Weak Side Rebound

27. The Jump Stop (Examples)

28. Jump Stop / Reverse Pivot Drill

29. Move to the Basket #1

30. Move to the Basket #2

31. Move to the Basket #3

32. Move to the Basket #4

33. Move to the Basket #5

34. Move to the Basket #6

35. Move to the Basket #7

36. Move to the Basket #8

37. Run the Baseline after a Made Basket

38. Screening Drills (Up Screens / Down Screens)

39. Lean into the Defender Skill

40. Chair Drills 1 Chair / Drive to Basket Left

41. Chair Drills 1 Chair / Drive to Basket Right

42. Chair Drills 2 Chair / Drive to Basket Left

43. Chair Drills 2 Chair / Drive to Basket Right

44. Setting Screens Down Screen Example

45. Sweeping the Ball under the Defenders Hand

46. Lob Pass Example (Right Side)

47. Lob Pass Example (Left Side)

48. Screen for the Shooter (Right Side)

49. Screen for the Shooter (Left Side)

50. Pass to the Post and Slide Down Example

51. Dribble and Draw 2 Defenders – BBall Moves Examples


Handouts Are Below

1. Principles of Motion Offense – Handout

2. Zone Offense / Basic – Handout

3. Pick and Roll Plays – Handout

4. Motion Offense / Basic – Handout

5. Post Player Videos

6. Inbounds Play Videos

7. Transition Offense Videos

8. Passing and Catching Drills – Videos

Coaches, Players, and Parents please feel free to download and print out the handouts at the bottom of the page! All we ask is that you help spread the word about our website (can be as simple as sharing a page, handout, or video clip from our website). Coaches may use material from this website on your website with permission. Also please send an email, and permission will be given to include the exchange of links from our websites.

Basketball Moves

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Basketball Moves

Offense Related Handouts Here

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