Shooting Drills Basketball – Video Clips

Here are all the video clips (and some of the handouts) from our youth basketball database related to shooting drills basketball. We have included individual shooting skills, shooting form basics, team drills, and coaching tips. Info that will assist coaches with improving their boys and girls youth basketball teams shooting skills!

Video Clips

They are in no particular order. Don’t forget – we are constantly adding new shooting drills basketball – video clips and handouts to the database – check back often.

1. Free Throws / Basic Examples

2. Developing the Right Hand Lay Up - The Steps

3. Jump Shot / Basic Example

4. Baseline Shooting Drill

5. Shooting Drill / Block to Block

6. Reverse Lay-Up / Basic Examples

7. Bank Shot / Basic Example

8. Basic Right Hand Lay Up

9. 3 Player Shooting Drill A

10. Shooting Drill / Elbow to Elbow

11. Grooving the Free Throw

12. Mikan Drill

13. The X Lay Up Drill

14. The Palm Up Lay Up

15. Developing the Left Hand Lay Up

16. Station Shooting Drills

17. The Superman Drill

18. Player Team Shooting Drill

19. More Reverse Lay-Ups Examples

20. Shooting Drill / Elbow to Wing

21. Shooting Competition / Basic

22. Shooting Drill Groups

23. Speed Lay-Up Drill

24. Baseline Shooting Drill (Updated)

25. Pull Back and Shoot Move

26. The Palm Up Lay Up / Left Side

27. 3 Player Shooting Drill (new)

28. The Basic Steps of Lay Ups (Left Side)

29. Grooving the Shot Form (New)

30. Grooving the Shot Example (New)

31. Pass to the Post and Slide Down Example

32. Chair Shooting Drills Elbow to Wing (Right Side)

33. Chair Shooting Drills Wing to Baseline (Left Side)

34. Chair Shooting Drills Wing to Baseline (Right Side)

35. Chair Shooting Drill / Conditioning Drill

36. Chair Shooting Drill Elbow to Elbow


1. Station Shooting Drill – Handout

2. Hot Shot / Basketball Contest – Handout

Coaches, Players, and Parents please feel free to download and print out the handouts at the bottom of the page! All we ask is that you help spread the word about our website (can be as simple as sharing a page, handout, or shooting drills basketball – video clip from our website). Organizations wishing to use any material from the AVCSS Basketball Website may do so with permission (just send a simple email), and with the exchange of links from our websites.

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Shooting Drills Basketball

Shooting Drills Basketball

More Info on Shooting the Basketball Here

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