Motion Offenses for Youth Basketball is a valuable “Interactive” instructional tool for youth basketball coaches. Teach the fundamentals that your players will need to not only run a motion offense, but to also understand why a motion offense is used. A must have for youth coaches. Information includes – Teaching Principles of The Motion Offense / 1-4 Set / 1-2-2 Set / Basic Motion Offense Teaching Points / 1-2-2 Set / 1-2-2 Quick Hitter Plays / Regular Motion Offense / A Basic Motion Offense / Pick and Roll Plays / Drills for Motion Offenses and more. Packed with video clips, pictures, diagrams, and helpful forms! “Read” the information in the booklet – then “View” the demonstrations on the Video Clips using the links. An excellent “Interactive” instructional tool, resource, and reference for youth basketball coaches. You get all this information for one low price of $2.99 (Winter Special). Can’t beat this price for this much information! Download your copy of Motion Offenses for Youth Basketball Now! 

By GPetrin