Youth Basketball Press / Press Breaking Note

Youth coaches must ensure that their players understand not only how to “Press” but how to “Break the Press.” Players that understand these fundamental concepts of a basketball press, and how to break the press are always more successful on the court. Knowing the best places to trap on the court will help a player also understand the places they should not go when they are trying to break the press. These fundamentals should be taught at the younger ages. A team that can execute a good basketball press can end a game early. On the other hand, a team that can execute the press breaker effectively can change the tempo of the game quickly. First and foremost coaches must teach their players how to break a press. Why? Mainly because of those other coaches out there that use the basketball press as a way to humiliate and “beat down” their opponent (you know, that coach that is ahead by 35 and is still running a full court press with his starters against your 2nd team).



Know when it’s time to stop Pressing!

I am all for pressure defense, but I feel I always knew when enough was enough. I’ve also been on the other end of the press where my players just gave up because the other coach would not “call off the dogs.” Youth basketball can be competitive without humiliating your opponent. Use the press to help your team win the game, or help get your team back in the game – that’s what I used it for. I pressed my opponents each and every game – sometimes with success, sometimes without. Coaches need to know when it’s time to press, but more importantly – when it’s time to stop!

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By GPetrin