The Gift of Shooting Skills

Every one of my daughters were dedicated to developing their shooting skills. They could shoot the basketball from many different spots on the floor, and most of all make their free throws and hit three pointers at a high level. I always heard comments like “I wish my daughter could shoot like yours” and “Man, your daughters were born with a gift.” Well, I can assure you none of my daughters were born with a the gift of shooting. It comes down to one thing, taking lots of shots at different spots, and working hard all year long. It was a daily routine for every one of my daughters to shoot over 150 shots per day (at least 5 days per week). And of course, players should start a shooting routine as early as possible. Older players that need work on their shooting skills should start immediately and put in extra work as much as possible. 



Consistency is the Key

You must be thinking that this must of took up all of their spare time, but I can assure you, it didn’t. It only really took about 20 minutes (longer in the off season). Either myself or my wife got the rebounds and filled out the paperwork – all my daughters had to do was “catch and shoot.” So they got a lot more “reps” than just shooting by themselves in the back yard. These are the forms that we used – Shooting Routine for Guards  and  Shooting Routine Log. We logged in all the made / missed shots and checked where the improvements were and where they needed to make improvements. The most important thing that we did was to make it fun for them. It got to the point where they couldn’t wait to see their progress, and this also turned out to be a big confidence builder as well. So I can tell you from experience that the gift of shooting skills comes from hard work, dedication, and consistency. It is the only way to develop the gift of shooting skills. 

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By GPetrin